James creates stories and narratives for brands and editorial through descriptive and technical photography and motion. He also publishes zines and books, exhibits, and sells prints of his own documentary work. 

James graduated from King's College, London, with a degree in Ancient History, in the mid 1990s. His photographic training came through working as an assistant to advertising photographers on location and in the studio. He set up on his own in 2001.

Since then he has worked on a large variety of advertising and design commissions both in London and in New York. His clients include Google, Tate, Barbican, Sony, Fast Company, W, and many others.

Most of James's work was carried out on 5x4 view cameras until around 2010, at which time he started working with hand held digital cameras. No matter what camera, he approaches his subjects with a gentle and humorous eye. He started directing motion from 2015.

Most of his own work is carried out with minimal kit, but he is very experienced working on large productions, with full teams and lighting on location and in the studio. His goal with lighting is to make images look natural - that is, unlit. Many of the pictures on this website are lit with strobes and continuous light sources.  

While his personal work may often look like random encounters, in fact almost all shots are carefully planned. James will return to scouted locations numerous times in order to get the best images, with the correct subjects in the best light. In that way, the shots are very controlled and managed. 

He has twice been awarded Best in Book in the Creative Review Photo Annual and has numerous other awards to his name including from the AoP.

To see archived stories, both editorial and personal, please contact the studio: info@jamesdeavin.com.

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