Life and Work at a mid-West Refinery.

Whiting is one of the US's largest and oldest refineries, employing close to 2000 people. 

corporate photograph of man in refinery office
three workers in hard hats in refinery
man in PPE working on refinery
two workers on lunch break posing outside the hall
man in yoga pose in refinery control room with many screens
Female fire fighter in front of fire truck
Two firefighters fighting fire at refinery
man in front of computer at refinery with chimneys in view through windows
man in front of industrial sewing maching
portrait of man in PPE in refinery.
group of men training
man in industrial scene with large plant
group of industrial workers at lunch
street scene in refinery with blue sky
man in PPE repairing pipe in refinery
portrait of man in PPE in refrinery
two workers smiling and talking in refiinery
man with hammer building scaffold in PPE in refinery
man waiting at dusk wearing PPE
two women at lunch in offices at refinery
two men talking in PPE
group people running at athletics venue
group people exercising at athletics venue
man stretching while wearing PPE at dusk
bicycles parked outside building with telegraph pole
man removing his boots in changing room
three men laughing together while sitting on wall