Daily Walk

One of the positives I’ve seen come out of the Coronavirus lockdown has been families spending a lot of recreation time together - mainly during their daily walks. I’ve been photographing some of them.

Of course safety has been my first priority in taking these pictures. I’ve only been in wide open spaces a short walk from my house, I’ve been alone (no crew), daylight only, small hand held camera, I’ve stayed way further away from my subjects than the government guide of two metres, and have been super fast. I’ve swapped details verbally for permissions and consent (and to send jpegs of course). 

Regarding legality, I carefully read through the legislation (“Regulations”) - it’s here if you’re interested. And I’ve acted within the government guidance too (here). And I’m scrupulous not to touch anything, and I carry hand san just in case I have to (for instance park gates). 

Regarding the portraits - some show people sitting down. Those were right at the beginning of the lockdown when the rules were unclear to a lot of people. (They still are now of course - the law and guidance and quite different, as is the police interpretation.) But I don’t see anyone sitting down much nowadays and I’m sure the good people in my portraits were only resting.

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