Martin Perry for Pipt

I was commissioned by start-up Pipt to create an introduction to Team GB Paralympic table tennis player Martin Perry for their platform. The introduction needed to consist of a 90 second film, extra clips, photographs and BTS.. all shot in one day. I had a call with Martin and we hit it off and organised to meet at his training camp in Sheffield, which is where a lot of Team GB is based. I planned to produce, direct, film and record sound, and commissioned the music and, for this job, an editor, owing to a quick turnaround being required by the client. Crew at the shoot was just me and an assistant. Here’s the film we made - 

Martin is a character and frankly far more competent at daily life things, like driving and shopping, than me and he’s only got one leg and no hands. So as well as shooting a lot of table tennis related content we also captured footage of him going about his daily life - shopping in Morrisons and ordering coffees in Starbucks, that kind of thing. It didn’t make it into the final 90 second film (⇡) but the clips reveal a lot about Martin’s golden attitude to life 🏓🌪

And here are a few of the all-action stills - 

Thanks to Martin, Pipt, Matt Chapman for the excellent custom music and Nick Roden for the similarly brill edit.