New personal work on farming

I started some new work since the lockdown eased, on the subject of farming and growing food. Subjects range from back gardens, to allotments, community farming, innovative crops, polytunnel fruit, agroforestry, rewilding, diversification, vertical and hydroponics, to industrial and established. I haven’t started thinking yet about livestock and dairy and so on. I’m making portraits and landscapes, mainly in available light, but with one small light and a reflector when necessary.

The project grew out of getting an allotment for the first time myself right at the start of the lockdown, to the semi-shortages of some food during the lockdown and an interest in the supply chain from that, and the Agriculture Bill being debated in government and the press, owing to Brexit.

I think the project will fragment as the subject is very broad currently. Portraits of seasonal fruit pickers and diversification (eg former grazing land now used for glamping) are the two main contenders for stand alone projects.

Here are some of the photographs so far:

Third Gen Tenant Farmer, Dorset

Tanker and Rhododendrons, Dorset

Allotmenteer, nr Slough

Allotment, London

Fruit Farm, Kent

Seasonal Fruit Picker, Kent

Seasonal Fruit Picker, Kent

Seasonal Fruit Picker, Kent

Seasonal Fruit Picker, Kent

Delivery, Suffolk

Combine Harvester, Suffolk

Agroforestry, Suffolk

Lavender Farm, Surrey

Model Aeroplane Enthusiast, Diversified Farm in Essex