1. New personal work on farming

    28 Jul 2020
    I started some new work since the lockdown eased, on the subject of farming and growing food. Subjects range from back gardens, to allotments, community farming, innovative crops, polytunnel fruit, agroforestry, rewilding, diversification, vertical and hydroponics, to industrial and established. I haven’t started thinking yet about livestock and dairy and…

  2. Photographs from the New World

    22 Apr 2020
    I’ve just been reminded about my first ever solo show by Scott Tillitt, who wrote about it for PDN. The year was 2007 and the show was called “Photographs of the New World”. I’d spent some time in the pioneering virtual world Second Life photographing users’ avatars and the places…

  3. Daily Walk

    17 Apr 2020
    One of the positives I’ve seen come out of the Coronavirus lockdown has been families spending a lot of recreation time together - mainly during their daily walks. I’ve been photographing some of them Of course safety has been my first priority in taking these pictures. I’ve only been in…